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YSRCP Momentum Surges as TDP Faces Downward Spiral in AP Elections


A month ago, everything was going smoothly for TDP. For upcoming general elections political activities as it prepared to face YSRCP. Trajectory the tide has turned, and TDP finds it’s a downward. When we compare the scenario of Telangana state election in December 2023 what happened in Telangana. Three months before the Telangana elections, TRS was sailing smoothly with many assuming it would emerge victorious. It was a tough battle between TRS and Congress as the elections drew nearer and gaining prominence.  However, 70 percent of the survey predicted a congress victory, attributing it to the effective campaign led by Revanth Reddy, successfully Harnessed the anti-incumbency wave within three months through vital efforts with extensive campaigning and advertisements and congress claimed victory.

 The situation in the AP dynamics between the incumbent party and the opposition is reversed. Through significant impact on voters, which have been uniquely designed and maintain a low profile until a month ago by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy suddenly intensified his effort with meetings like “siddham”.

Over the past five years he has been outlining his accomplishments and warning about the risks of electing any part other than YSRCP.

Jagan has complete control over his campaign and speeches with no alliances, similar to Revanth Reddy’s role in the Telangana elections.  The influence of the TDP is gradually diminishing in even small fragments of Andhra Pradesh due to the absence of an effective counter-campaign. Numerous limitations Chandrababu faces in mounting an effective campaign due to his alliance with Janasena, compounded by the delay in seat allocation and discussions about a potential alliance with the BJP.

The winning as the elections draw near, the TDP leadership and ranks are struggling to resonate. TDP leadership has lost confidence in its chances of winning as the absence of Lokesh raises suspicions and is not actively engaging in the campaign. It also indicates a sense of dullness, foreseeing a significant defeat , due to lack of visibility of TDP leaders across the state. Showing a lack of confidence in the party, even the NRIs, who were once vocal supporters of TDP have quieted down. Numerous queries remain unresolved concerning the TDP-Janasena alliance..

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Campaign Gaining momentum as there is no TDP wave in the state, while the YSRCP wave continues relentless.

 According to the Survey it’s a clearly indicates win for YSRCP, except for a few biased surveys by regional yellow media outlets. Whereas the absence of any national media surveys predicting victory for TDP-Janasen a party. While the contrasts with the situation in Telangana two month ago, around 40 percent of surveys favored TRS, prominence the gravity of the situation. In spite of that TRS lost. Whereas it is easy to imagine the dilemma of TDP-Janasena party with 0% survey predicting its win.

Unfortunately Chandrababu caught in his own web of alliances, were unable to make decisive, effective decisions.  Facing the challenge alone appears to be his primary obstacle in this crucial moment.



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