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Yash Puri Stars in ‘Happy Ending’: Trailer Launch Sparks Excitement for Coming-of-Age Film!


Hyderabad – A highly anticipated event, the trailer for the upcoming film “Happy Ending” was unveiled, creating a buzz around the project. Yash Puri, renowned for his roles in ZEE5’s “Alanti Sitralu” and the epic drama “Shaakuntalam,” takes the lead in this lighthearted coming-of-age tale directed by Kowshik Bheemidi. Apoorva Rao joins as the female lead, adding to the film’s intrigue through its captivating promotional content.

Produced by Yogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, and Anil Pallala under Hamstech Films and Silly Monks Studios, the trailer launch event witnessed successful director Venu Udugula introducing the preview. Udugula praised the film’s new-age entertainment appeal and classic approach, expressing confidence in director Kaushik’s work and the commendable performances of the lead actors.

The creative team shared valuable insights into the film, with editor Pradeep commending Kaushik’s directorial precision, music director Ravi Nidamarthi crediting Kaushik’s musical taste, and cinematographer Ashok Seepalli highlighting the collaborative efforts of debutants involved in the project. Producer Anil Pallala emphasized “Happy Ending” as a coming-of-age entertainer with a young and talented team.

Acknowledging the adult content hinted in the trailer, Pallala encouraged open conversations about such themes and expressed satisfaction with the film’s output. Lead actor Yash Puri assured the audience that despite initial perceptions, the film aims for a family-friendly viewing experience, expressing gratitude for the support received from various quarters.

Director Kaushik Bhimidi described “Happy Ending” as an honest attempt, emphasizing its modern approach to storytelling inspired by the concept of a curse on the protagonist. Heroine Apoorva Rao provided insights into the storyline, portraying it as a tale of a boy facing fears and navigating love, promising an enjoyable cinematic experience for the audience. The film is scheduled for a theatrical release on February 2nd.


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