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Wedding Return Gift Surprise: Alcohol Bottles Raise Eyebrows and Cheers


Puducherry : In a wedding ceremony held in Puducherry, guests received an unexpected and surprising addition to their customary gift bags – a bottle of alcohol. The incident left many attendees astonished, with reactions ranging from delight at the unexpected treat to sheer disbelief.

The couple at the center of this unusual case, M Nirmal and US Aarathi, both highly educated individuals with degrees in BSc and MBA respectively, made the decision to include a quarter bottle of alcohol in the traditional Thaamboola Pai (gift bag) during their wedding celebration on May 28th. Typically, these bags contain items such as coconut, banana, betel leaves, and betel nuts, and are presented to wedding guests as per custom.

Narayanan Tirupathy, a spokesperson for the BJP, took to Twitter to denounce this act, considering it a denigration of cultural values. He called upon Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan, the lieutenant governor of Puducherry, to take appropriate action against those responsible.

This incident adds to the list of bizarre happenings that occasionally take place at Indian weddings. In a recent case from Sultanganj village in Bhagalpur, Bihar, the groom, who had consumed alcohol the night before, failed to show up for his own wedding on Monday. The groom failed to meet the bride and her family at the wedding venue, leaving everyone bewildered. It was only on Tuesday that the groom regained consciousness and made his way to the bride’s residence, where he faced her refusal to proceed with the marriage. She made it clear that she couldn’t spend her life with a man who failed to understand his responsibilities. As a consequence, the bride’s family obliged the groom’s family to reimburse them for the expenses incurred during the wedding preparations.

Some individuals held hostage a few of the groom’s relatives, creating a tense standoff. Upon receiving information about the situation, the police promptly intervened, restoring stability to the scene. Thankfully, the police successfully resolved the issue.

The groom called off the wedding in the Tirva Kotwali neighborhood of the Kannauj district in Uttar Pradesh due to his dissatisfaction with the bride’s 12th-grade grades.The bride’s father revealed that the groom cited her below-average marks as the reason for canceling the wedding. Allegations of insufficient dowry were also made against the groom.

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and unique customs, but these peculiar occurrences add an unexpected twist to the festivities. While they often make for interesting stories, they also shed light on the complexities and varied experiences that can arise during these joyous occasions.

In conclusion, the inclusion of alcohol bottles in wedding gift bags in Puducherry has caused a stir among attendees, leaving them both surprised and divided. This incident, along with other unusual happenings at weddings, highlights the diverse and sometimes unpredictable nature of such celebrations, making each occasion a tale worth remembering.


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