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Visakhapatnam MP Hits Back at Pawan Kalyan’s Resignation Demand


Visakhapatnam: MVV Satyanarayana, the Lok Sabha representative of Visakhapatnam from the YSR Congress Party, has fervently rejected the statements made by film actor and Jana Sena Party president, Pawan Kalyan. In response to Kalyan’s demand for his resignation, Satyanarayana addressed the media on Sunday, asserting that the actor had misconstrued his words.

Satyanarayana vehemently denied ever expressing an intention to depart from Visakhapatnam, dispelling Kalyan’s allegations in this regard. Furthermore, he questioned Kalyan’s authority to request his resignation, particularly considering Kalyan’s losses in both constituencies he contested.

The YSR Congress MP also accused Pawan Kalyan of being subservient to Chandrababu Naidu for political gains. Satyanarayana highlighted the financial losses faced by the distributors of the film “Bro” and criticized Kalyan’s silence on the matter of the privatization of the Visakhapatnam steel plant. In a pointed remark, he challenged Kalyan to articulate his plans for Visakhapatnam and questioned whether Kalyan could persuade Chandrababu Naidu to endorse him as the Chief Ministerial candidate.

Satyanarayana took a dig at Kalyan’s political prowess, suggesting that histrionics in movies do not necessarily translate to effective leadership. Comparing Kalyan to a street rowdy, he asserted that there was a lack of discernible distinction between the two. This exchange between the two political figures highlights the ongoing political dynamics in the region and the complex interactions among parties and their leaders.


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