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Tuni Train Burning Case is Denied by Vijayawada Railway Court


“Tuni train burning case dismissed by the Vijayawada Railway Court, which the state administration had already dropped.”

Vijayawada : The Vijayawada court has found fault with the investigation conducted by three railway officials, holding them accountable for their mishandling of the case. The court expressed its disappointment with the officials’ conduct and questioned why they unnecessarily prolonged the matter for five years.

41 individuals accused by The railway police, including Mudragada Padmanabham as A1, Akula Ramakrishna as A2, and Minister Dadisetti Raja as A3. Among the 24 present witnesses, 20 confirmed awareness of the incident.

It is worth noting that the state government had previously withdrawn the cases in the Tuni train burning case. Protesters set fire to the train during the Kapu agitation for reservations led by Mudragada Padmanabham in January 2016. The Telugu Desam Party government registered 69 cases at the time, which the YSR Congress Party government later withdrew.

According to the news report, the incident in question resulted in the filing of 69 cases by the Telugu Desam Party government. However, these cases were later withdrawn by the YSR Congress Party government. The recent dismissal of the case brings an end to the legal proceedings in this matter.


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