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Telangana’s “Talking Trees”: Innovative E-Protection System Unveiled


HYDERABAD: The Telangana Forest Development Corporation Ltd has unveiled a cutting-edge e-protection system, currently on trial at the Botanical Gardens in Kondapur. This revolutionary system, fortified with real-time protection chips, offers trees a voice of their own – generating a powerful sound if touched.

Powered by a 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery, the system acts as a vigilant guardian for select trees like sandalwood and redwood. A mere touch or attempted cutting triggers a resounding alert, not only notifying the forest guard or caretaker via WhatsApp but also blaring an alarm through a local hooter.

As a comprehensive safeguarding measure, the tree protection system generates diverse reports for users and maintains a connection with a cloud server. Spearheaded by CTIOT Technologies, the system was successfully implemented on 50 invaluable trees under the watchful eye of Telangana Forest Development Corporation Ltd’s Vice Chairman, Dr. G Chandrasekhar Reddy.

CTIOT’s Chief Executive Officer, Satyanarayana Chopppadandi, emphasized the trailblazing nature of this technology’s debut in Telangana. Equipping these chips onto 50 precious trees marks a first in the state. He pointed out the potential significance of this system for farmers aspiring to cultivate substantial quantities of sandalwood or redwood, and particularly for combating wood smuggling.

Dr. G Chandrasekhar Reddy underlined the grave issue of unauthorized tree cutting, especially during the night, in and around Hyderabad. The novel e-protection system not only safeguards the trees but also increases awareness about their ecological significance. He further divulged that the Telangana Forest Department plans to expand the e-protection system to encompass a broader range of valuable and rare trees across the state. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with Telangana’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage.


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