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Telangana Breaks Barriers: Transgender Clinic at Osmania General Hospital


Hyderabad: In a significant stride towards equitable healthcare access for the third gender, the Telangana government has unveiled the Transgender Clinic at Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad. This pioneering initiative, which commenced operations on Wednesday, marks a crucial step in dismantling longstanding barriers faced by transgender individuals.

With a staff comprising sensitized medical professionals, this inclusive clinic aims to provide a comprehensive range of treatments under one roof. Currently operating once a week on Wednesdays from 9 am to 12 pm, the clinic plans to expand its services based on the demand it receives.

Leading the medical team are renowned endocrinologists, Dr. Rakesh Sahay and Dr. Neelaveni, who will provide hormonal therapy and other necessary treatments for transgender individuals. Additionally, the clinic will collaborate with departments such as gynecology, plastic surgery, psychiatry, urology, and others to ensure comprehensive care whenever required.

Furthermore, Telangana welcomes its first transgender doctors in government service, Dr. Prachi Rathod and Dr. Ruth John Paul, who have been appointed as coordinators for the clinic. Their invaluable expertise and personal experiences will contribute to the provision of compassionate care.

Dr. Prachi expresses, “Accessing healthcare services has been challenging for transgender individuals. However, today we have a clinic that offers free and non-discriminatory treatment. Better late than never.” The clinic’s goal is to extend its services not only to transgender individuals but also to the broader LGBTQIA community.

The clinic places a strong emphasis on identifying gender dysphoria and conducting medical tests to issue Gender Identity Disorder certificates. While gender-affirming surgeries are not currently performed at the clinic, Dr. Prachi assures that this service will be available in the near future.

Dr. Ruth adds, “Even before we were appointed as medical officers here, community elders were advocating for a transgender clinic at OGH. Thankfully, our superintendent took the initiative, and together, we established guidelines for this important endeavor.”

The driving force behind the Transgender Clinic, Dr. Nagendra, Superintendent of Osmania General Hospital, emphasizes the team’s commitment to understanding the challenges and creating a sustainable healthcare facility. Multiple awareness sessions and a national workshop were conducted to prepare doctors and staff for this crucial task.

“We must not neglect the transgender community. They are as human as everyone else. As healthcare professionals, it is our responsibility to provide them with the same level of care as others. I urge the transgender community to avail themselves of this free-of-cost service,” concludes Dr. Nagendra.

With the establishment of the Transgender Clinic at Osmania General Hospital, the Telangana government has taken a commendable step towards promoting inclusivity and ensuring accessible healthcare for transgender individuals. This groundbreaking initiative sets a positive precedent for other regions to follow, fostering a more compassionate and equal society for all.


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