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Tamil Superstar Vijay Unveils Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK) Ahead of 2026 Assembly Elections


Chennai- Tamil superstar actor Vijay, popularly known as Thalapathy Vijay, has officially announced the launch of his political party, Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam (TVK). The announcement comes after Vijay’s fan group, registered as Vijay Makkal Iyyakam, made a remarkable debut in the 2021 local body elections, securing victory in 115 seats.

In a statement, Vijay revealed that TVK is set to contest the 2026 Assembly elections, emphasizing its commitment to bringing about fundamental political changes that align with the aspirations of the people. Notably, the party has decided not to participate in the upcoming general elections.

Vijay highlighted the need for a political transformation in the state, pointing out the prevailing culture of corruption within society and administration. He expressed concerns about the rise of divisive politics and the importance of a transparent, unbiased, and corruption-free governance system.

“Our aim is to contest the 2026 Assembly elections and lead to the fundamental political change that people need,” stated Vijay. He underlined the importance of politics aligned with Tamil culture, promoting equality, and upholding the political traditions of the state within the framework of the Constitution.

The actor-turned-politician stressed that the party’s office bearers would be selected democratically, emphasizing a collective effort in the fight against corruption. Vijay declared an all-out war against corruption, outlining the party’s commitment to promoting a Tamil Nadu-centric ideology and policies.

While the TVK plans to propagate its vision and engage with the people after the 2024 general elections, Vijay underscored the seriousness of politics as a noble service to the public. He dismissed the notion of politics as a mere hobby and expressed his determination not to be swayed by victories, having observed the experiences of his seniors in the political arena.

Vijay’s entry into Tamil Nadu politics adds a new dimension to the state’s political landscape, and his party’s focus on transparency, equality, and anti-corruption is poised to capture the attention of voters in the upcoming years. The actor’s foray into politics has been a topic of widespread anticipation and is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the political scenario in Tamil Nadu.


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