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Skyroot’s Exciting Collaborations with French Space Firms for Vikram Series Space Launches


Hyderabad- Skyroot, the Indian space startup making waves in the industry, has taken a significant stride towards its upcoming Vikram 1 orbital launch and other missions. In a move that underscores India’s growing prowess in the global space sector, Skyroot has inked two critical Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with leading French space companies.

The first MoU was signed with Prométhée Earth Intelligence, a prominent French earth observation constellation operator. This partnership will see Skyroot providing satellite launch services aboard its Vikram rockets for Prométhée’s JAPETUS earth observation constellation. The second agreement is a trilateral collaboration involving Expleo and ConnectSAT. Expleo will be responsible for delivering Reconfigurable Software for ConnectSAT’s IoT Satellite, which is set to launch on the Vikram-I rocket, forming a part of the futuristic OSIRIS satellite constellation.

These MoUs, signed at the Skyroot facility in Hyderabad, mark a pivotal moment in the burgeoning India-France collaboration in the space sector. They are intended to facilitate the procurement of Skyroot’s launch services by satellite companies, covering various Vikram space launches.

Olivier Piepsz, CEO of Prométhée, noted the incredible potential in the strategic relationship between India and France. He emphasized the unique opportunity presented by India’s inclusion of the private sector in its space endeavors. This collaboration is set to benefit both companies significantly. With 50% of Prométhée’s satellites requiring specific orbital requirements, Skyroot’s Vikram launch vehicles become the ideal choice for deploying a portion of their satellite constellation.

The trilateral agreement between Expleo, ConnectSAT, and Skyroot is another exciting development. It will involve the development of reconfigurable software for ConnectSAT’s IoT Satellite, strengthening the satellite’s capabilities.

Pawan Chandana, Co-Founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace, highlighted the importance of the esteemed French space delegation’s visit to their facilities. It not only strengthens the India-France relationship in the space sector but also aligns seamlessly with India’s growing role in global space discussions. Chandana stressed that these MoUs are significant as Skyroot advances toward its next Vikram mission. Skyroot’s space launches are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for global operators aiming to build futuristic satellite constellations.

Skyroot has been making waves with its Vikram series of rockets, known for their advanced technologies, including 3D printing, carbon composite bodies, and modular frameworks. These innovations allow them to cater to multiple space launch requirements and orbital deployments.

With the Vikram 1 orbital rocket set to launch in the coming months, Skyroot’s journey to the stars continues to capture the imagination and reinforce India’s role in the global space arena. The successful collaboration with leading French space firms adds another feather to Skyroot’s cap and paves the way for exciting advancements in the near future.


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