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Skyroot Aerospace Rockets Toward Historic Vikram-1 Launch


Hyderabad- Hyderabad-based startup Skyroot Aerospace is gearing up for its next big mission into space. After becoming the first private company in India to successfully launch the Vikram-S rocket last year, they’re now preparing to launch the Vikram-1 orbital rocket later this year.

The Vikram-1 rocket is making steady progress, undergoing various tests and development stages. This rocket is quite versatile, capable of carrying multiple payloads into orbit.

One recent milestone involved testing their fully 3D-printed regeneratively cooled Raman-II engine, which will power the Orbital Adjustment Module (OAM) of Vikram-1. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) supported this crucial test.

Pawan Kumar Chandana, the co-founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace, revealed that they plan to launch the rocket by the end of the year, pending approval from the relevant authorities.

Vikram-1 has been engineered to transport payloads weighing up to 480 kg to low-inclination orbits, covering a distance of 500 km. What sets it apart is its design, which allows for quick assembly and launch readiness at any launch site within just 24 hours.

This rocket is a significant milestone in India’s space exploration journey, as it will be the first orbital rocket launched by a private company in India and South Asia.

Skyroot Aerospace is known for its innovation in space technology, focusing on efficient and cost-effective launch vehicles. They use cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing, carbon composites, and advanced fuels to achieve their goals.

Their ultimate aim is to make space travel accessible and reliable for everyone, revolutionizing space launches and related services. They draw inspiration from the founder of the Indian space program, Vikram Sarabhai, by naming their launch vehicles ‘Vikram’.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Skyroot Aerospace specializes in developing launch vehicles for launching commercial satellites into space. Their mission is to make space more accessible to all, a goal that holds great promise for the future of space exploration.


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