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Agent movie review : Akhil Akkineni’s actioner isn’t really enjoyable



Surender Reddy production and an Akhil Akkineni film, but it doesn't quite fit either end of the spectrum. Rating for Agent movie review.

Review of the movie Agent: It sits somewhere between an over-the-top Surender Reddy production and an Akhil Akkineni film, but it doesn’t quite fit either end of the spectrum.

Agent Movie Review : Director Surender Reddy decided to give Akhil Akkineni a major makeover with Agent after the successful historical drama Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019). Most Eligible Bachelor, directed by Bhaskar, was Akhil’s most recent film, and it was merely acceptable. Along with writer Vakkantham Vamshi, Surender Reddy has collaborated on successful films like Oosaravelli, Race Gurram, and Kick 2 in the past.

"Agent movie review : A hybrid between Surender Reddy and Akhil Akkineni's styles.
“Agent movie review : A hybrid between Surender Reddy and Akhil Akkineni’s styles.

Agent has a minimal storyline, much like every other action movie. It tells the tale of a man named Ramakrishna, sometimes known as Rikki or Wild Saala (Akhil Akkineni), whose sole ambition in life is to work for the RAW. He has been working towards this goal his entire life, but the agency has repeatedly turned him down.

He worships Mammootty, the head of RAW, whom he aspires to win over and convince to let him join the force. Dharma/God (played by Dino Morea) commands a group known as the Syndicate, and the Home Minister Jaya Shankar is a crucial member of this group. In the movie “Agent,” Mahadev, portrayed by Akhil Akkineni, is in a fierce battle against the Syndicate to prevent them from turning into “super cells.”They are about to become into “super cells,” and Mahadev will stop at nothing to prevent this. It is unknown what these super cells imply or how harmful they are.

Dharma was originally Mahadev’s best agent, hence the two had a history together. Dharma’s sole motivation in working was to win Mahadev’s approval and gain universal acclaim as history’s most effective agent. The movie “Agent” delves into the story of how Dharma (played by Dino Morea) became the antagonist, the reason behind RAW’s rejection of Rikki (played by Akhil Akkineni), and the role Rikki plays in the conflict between Mahadev and Dharma.Movie critics are sure to draw comparisons between “Agent” and the recent spy film “Pathaan.

“Agent also makes an effort to include every component of a global spy adventure, but it fails in a number of ways. The director of “Agent,” Surender Reddy, is renowned for his ability to create action-packed films that also possess a nuanced emotional layer. When the emotional connection does materialise in this situation, it is too late and too feeble. The movie, however, focuses entirely on the action, which, after a while, becomes monotonous.

The makers of this film minimise Akhil’s inherent attractiveness in favour of the strong, villain-slaying action hero stereotype. Even the romantic component is given the short end in favour of the action. Sakshi Vaidya’s portrayal of the love interest scarcely has enough screen time to engage the audience. The most crucial information is withheld until it is too late in the second half, which provides some explanation of the hero’s identity as “Wild Saala.”

Akhil put a lot of effort into creating this action avatar, and it shows. Dino portrays the villain convincingly, while Mammotty looks the part of the RAW head; we hope to see him in more South Asian flicks. Sakshi Vaidya, a rookie, just has a small glam role.

The camera of Rasool Ellore is outstanding. The songs of HipHop Tamizha are serviceable, but the background score occasionally dazzles. The plot of Vakkantham Vamshi keeps to the formulaic structure of action films. Agent falls short of genuinely fitting into either category and ends up being a mediocre action movie. It is somewhere between a massive Surender Reddy picture and an Akhil Akkineni film.


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Surender Reddy production and an Akhil Akkineni film, but it doesn't quite fit either end of the spectrum. Rating for Agent movie review.Agent movie review : Akhil Akkineni's actioner isn't really enjoyable