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PM Modi Stresses Faith and Training in Government System Inauguration


During the inauguration of the first-ever National Training Conclave at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the responsibility of all government servants to instill faith in the government system among the people. He highlighted the need for training modules that focus on inculcating aspects such as service orientation, ownership, breaking hierarchies, and utilizing the experience of individuals within the organization.

Drawing from his experience as a former Chief Minister and now as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi expressed his belief that the government has always had talented, dedicated, and committed officials. He compared the credibility of the Army in the eyes of the public to the responsibility of government servants in further enhancing the faith people have in the government system.

PM Modi stressed the importance of adopting a “whole-of-the-government” approach in training and nurturing the potential of officials. He emphasized the transformation in the perception of training institutes, where they are no longer seen as punishment postings but as crucial establishments that groom personnel with decades of experience in the government.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the issue of vertical and horizontal silos and the constraints of hierarchy, urging officials to overcome these barriers and value the experience of individuals regardless of their position.

Highlighting the success of the iGOT Karmayogi platform, which has garnered over 10 lakh users, Modi expressed his satisfaction with the enthusiasm of people within the system to learn and improve. He explained that the Karmayogi Mission aims to enhance the orientation, mindset, and approach of government personnel, leading to their contentment and happiness, and ultimately improving the governance system.

Overall, the Prime Minister’s speech emphasized the significance of training and development in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of government officials and fostering trust in the government among the public.


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