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NTPC and SCCL Forge Alliance for Reliable Fuel Supply


Hyderabad: The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has recently entered into a crucial agreement with the Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) pertaining to Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) and a Supplementary Agreement. This agreement holds immense importance for NTPC’s stations located at Ramagundam, Kudgi, and Solapur.

The agreement encompasses a Fuel Supply Agreement for two units at Kudgi, along with a supplementary agreement for the FSA of Solapur Unit-2. Additionally, it also includes a supplementary agreement to the existing FSA of Ramagundam. An official statement revealed that the signing of the agreement also involves a Supplementary Agreement for the aggregation of SCCL’s annual contracted quantity (ACQ) and the implementation of flexible utilization of domestic coal policy.

The signing ceremony was attended by prominent representatives from both NTPC and SCCL. Debashish Chattopadhya, RED (South & WR-I), signed the agreement on behalf of NTPC Ltd, while K. Suryanarayana, GM (Marketing) of SCCL, signed on behalf of SCCL. The presence of J. Allwyn, ED (Coal Movement) SCCL, further emphasized the significance of the occasion. Other officials, including Pradipta Kumar Mishra, ED (FM), and Heads of Ramagundam, Kudgi, and Solapur stations of NTPC, were also present to witness the signing.

This agreement marks a crucial milestone for NTPC as it secures a stable and reliable supply of fuel for its power stations. By collaborating with SCCL, NTPC ensures that the coal requirements for its units at Ramagundam, Kudgi, and Solapur are met efficiently. The supplementary agreements bring additional advantages by enabling flexibility in coal utilization and aggregating SCCL’s annual contracted quantity.

The partnership between NTPC and SCCL not only strengthens their respective positions but also contributes to the overall energy ecosystem of the region. The availability of a steady fuel supply is essential for NTPC to continue its operations smoothly and efficiently. This agreement reinforces the commitment of both organizations to the development of the energy sector in the country.

Enhanced power generation capabilities are within the reach of NTPC through this new collaboration, while SCCL solidifies its position as a reliable coal supplier. The successful signing of the agreement sets a positive precedent for future collaborations between industry leaders, ultimately benefiting the energy sector and the nation as a whole.

In conclusion, the recent agreement between NTPC and SCCL for Fuel Supply Agreement and Supplementary Agreement is a significant step forward for the power generation company. The collaboration ensures a reliable supply of fuel for NTPC’s stations and showcases the commitment of both organizations to the energy sector’s growth and development.


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