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NRI’s Near-Death Ordeal Ends in Miraculous Recovery at Pulse Heart Centre


Hyderabad: A routine dental treatment for a visiting Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in Hyderabad took a dramatic turn as he narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation, ultimately experiencing a remarkable recovery at Pulse Heart Centre under the expert care of Dr. Mukharjee Madivada.

Hailing from the United States, the 44-year-old NRI had journeyed to India seeking dental treatment that turned out to be more complex than expected. Dealing with a series of dental issues, including implants, infections, and required surgeries, the patient was already grappling with diabetes. However, fate had a different plan in store, and what initially seemed like a routine procedure soon evolved into a battle for his life.

Emerging from anesthesia, the patient faced a sudden and severe pulmonary edema, resulting in fluid accumulation in his lungs. This dire situation was compounded by a discovery that he was suffering from a weakened heart, plunging him into a critical state. Doctors who attended to him during this harrowing phase expressed that his chances of survival were akin to needing a miracle.

Swiftly transferred to Pulse Heart Centre on July 31, 2023, the patient’s condition remained grave. He was grappling with low blood pressure, a condition known as cardiogenic shock, necessitating high doses of blood pressure-elevating medications. Further tests revealed a high white blood corpuscle count of 27,000, indicative of a severe infection. The delicate state of his heart, coupled with failing kidneys, left the medical team uncertain about his prognosis.

Over the ensuing 24 hours, the medical team identified ongoing damage to the patient’s heart muscle. An angiogram revealed critical blockages, prompting the placement of a stent to address the issue. The comprehensive treatment regimen also encompassed managing the infection, stabilizing kidney function, and regulating blood sugar levels. A turn of events for the better followed the stenting procedure, with the patient experiencing a significant improvement in heart function.

Remarkably, the diligent efforts of the medical team led to the reduction of blood pressure-maintaining medications, and the patient was successfully weaned off the ventilator. With each passing day, progress was palpable – he was walking just a day after being removed from the ventilator, eventually being discharged from the medical facility on Friday.

Dr. Mukharjee Madivada, reflecting on this extraordinary recovery, expressed a sense of humility and awe. In a heartfelt tweet, he acknowledged that while medical expertise played a role, sometimes there are forces beyond human control that contribute significantly to a patient’s healing journey. He emphasized that it was a collective effort, and the joy of practicing medicine was reinforced by such extraordinary outcomes.

The astounding turnaround of this NRI patient’s health, from the brink of despair to a victorious recovery, stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise displayed by the medical professionals at Pulse Heart Centre.


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