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Naidu Condemns Jagan for Statewide Devastation Across All Sectors


Mandapeta- TDP National President N. Chandrababu Naidu expressed deep concern, stating that the state had suffered significant setbacks under the rule of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Naidu accused the YSRCP leader of corrupting systems and causing losses across all communities. Urging the public to unite in saving the state, he metaphorically called for the disposal of the YSRCP in the Bay of Bengal.

Naidu criticized Jagan Mohan Reddy for what he described as constant deception through falsehoods. Pointing to the transfer of MLAs as a tactic to deflect blame for the government’s failures, Naidu labeled it as evidence of Jagan’s fraudulent practices. He highlighted the cancellation of 27 welfare schemes for Dalits initiated by the TDP, including the removal of the SC sub-plan. Naidu further alleged that 188 Dalits lost their lives, and over 6,000 attacks on Dalits occurred during YSRCP’s rule.

Citing specific instances of victimization, Naidu mentioned Dr. Sudhakar, Kodi Kathi Srinu, and MLC Ananthababu’s driver Subrahmanyam. He underscored the TDP government’s efforts in addressing Dalit issues, such as the establishment of the Justice Punnayya Commission and the introduction of 12 Government Orders for their welfare. Naidu also credited NTR’s initiative for the Bharat Ratna award conferred upon Dr. B.R. Ambedkar during his tenure as the Chairman of the National Front.

Highlighting the contributions of Dalit leaders like Pratibha Bharati, GMC Balayogi, and Kaki Madhavrao, Naidu alleged that the YSRCP government is filing atrocity cases against Dalits in Amaravati, emphasizing that Jagan’s actions will not be forgotten by the community. Turning to the alleged destruction in various sectors, Naidu claimed that medicine, education, irrigation, agriculture, and roads had all suffered under YSRCP rule.

Clarifying the TDP’s stance on language, Naidu stated that the party supports education in the mother tongue, emphasizing the importance of preserving linguistic heritage. Addressing financial concerns, he alleged that the allocated Rs. 75,000 crores for BCs in the last five years had not been utilized. Naidu expressed distress over the reported loss of jobs for 40 lakh construction workers due to alleged illegal sand mining by YSRCP leaders.

Naidu appealed to the public to remember these grievances and stand against the alleged misrule of the YSRCP.


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