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LV Prasad Eye Institute Launches Falls Prevention Experience Centre for the Elderly


“Commemorating Falls Prevention Week and Promoting Elderly Safety”

Hyderabad- India is in the midst of a profound demographic transformation. The United Nations’ World Population Aging report has projected that the elderly population in India will surge from 8% in 2021 to a staggering 20% by 2050, accounting for over 300 million individuals. Unfortunately, with this shift comes an increased vulnerability to falls among adults aged 60 and older. It is estimated that the prevalence of falls among the elderly in India stands at a concerning 31%, leading to severe injuries, reduced mobility, and a loss of independence. However, a series of simple yet effective precautionary measures can significantly mitigate the risk of falls among the elderly in their homes.

Addressing this crucial issue, the LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in Hyderabad, renowned for its specialized eye care services, has taken a significant step forward. Nestled within the expansive Kallam Anji Reddy campus, LVPEI’s Gland Pharma Centre for Elderly Eye Care has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative—an experiential hub known as the “Falls Prevention Experience Centre.” This initiative aligns perfectly with Falls Prevention Week, observed globally from 18th to 22nd September, and the Experience Centre’s grand inauguration took place on the 21st of September 2023, with the distinguished participation of the Gland Pharma senior leadership team.

Ms K Sujata, Gland Pharma’s Senior leadership team, inaugurating the stairs part of the Falls Prevention Experience Centre, at L V Prasad Eye Institute, today, as part of the Falls Prevention Week, being held between 18 to 22 September 2023.

Dr. Avinash Pathengay, Director of Elderly Eye Care Services at LV Prasad Eye Institute, emphasized the paramount importance of simple measures such as regular eye and ear examinations, exercises, and addressing the fear of falling among the elderly. Additionally, he highlighted the critical role of home infrastructure modifications, including the installation of grab bars, railings, shower chairs, non-skid tiles, and adequate lighting. These seemingly minor adjustments can make a substantial difference in fall prevention, and the Falls Prevention Experience Centre brilliantly showcases their implementation in a home setting.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by an enlightening awareness event, featuring discussions on common eye ailments, fall prevention strategies for the elderly, and an overview of the dedicated elderly eye care services offered by LVPEI. Furthermore, throughout the week, LVPEI is conducting a range of activities, including eye screenings for residents of old age homes, guest lectures for both staff and patients, and more.

LVPEI’s commitment to elderly eye care services dates back six years when they launched their first exclusive elderly eye care center in Vishakhapatnam, thanks to the support of Aurobindo Pharma Limited. Subsequently, two more centers were established, one in Hyderabad, sponsored by Gland Pharma, and another in Bhubaneswar, supported by ICICI Bank. These centers provide personalized care, encompassing comprehensive eye examinations, diagnostics, surgical interventions, vision rehabilitation, physiotherapy, systemic health condition screenings, and counseling on preventive measures to reduce the risk of falls.

As India’s aging population continues to grow, LV Prasad Eye Institute’s Falls Prevention Experience Centre stands as a beacon of hope and education for families and caregivers, offering practical solutions to safeguard the elderly and ensure their well-being. With concerted efforts and community engagement, LVPEI strives to make life safer, healthier, and more enjoyable for our cherished elderly citizens, contributing to a brighter and more secure future for all.


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