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Lust Stories 2 Strikes a Chord


In a bold return, the Emmy-nominated Netflix anthology series, Lust Stories, unveils its second season, captivating audiences with thought-provoking tales of lust and desire. This anthology, brought to life by four talented filmmakers, delves into the captivating power of human desires, going beyond the conventional definition of “lust.” While not intended for the easily scandalized, Lust Stories 2 fearlessly explores the impact of these desires on various human connections. Each story takes off with great potential, but not all find a smooth landing, despite their strong beginnings

R Balki’s Hilarious Take on Sexual Compatibility:
The anthology kicks off with R Balki’s simplistic yet humorous take on sexual compatibility. Focusing on a young couple, brilliantly portrayed by Mrunal Thakur and Angad Bedi, and their lively grandmother played by Neena Gupta, Balki emphasizes the importance of this aspect of relationships. With wacky one-liners delivered by Gupta and Thakur and Bedi justifying their roles, Balki’s treatment remains simple and idealistic. He cleverly uses comedy as a vehicle to underline the subtext, effectively highlighting the significance of sexual compatibility without overwhelming the narrative.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s Thought-Provoking Gem:
Konkona Sen Sharma’s contribution emerges as the highlight of the anthology. With profound wisdom, Sharma delicately navigates the uncomfortable process of women embracing their sexuality. Her story revolves around two women from different social backgrounds who experience sexual awakening in a twisted yet captivating manner. Through the masterful use of camera work, Sharma makes the audience feel like voyeurs, actively participating in the characters’ journey. As the women grapple with their desires, discomfort, doubt, and pleasure, viewers gain a sneak peek into their world, evoking a range of emotions.

Sujoy Ghosh’s Thrilling Take:
Renowned for his thrillers, Sujoy Ghosh brings his signature style to Lust Stories 2 with a story featuring the sensational couple, Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma. While Ghosh’s short remains true to his popular genre, it falls somewhat short of expectations. The narrative lacks heart, and the performances fail to ignite chemistry on screen. Vijay Varma, once again portraying a negative character, does little justice to his undeniable talent. Tamannaah’s delivery feels scripted, leaving the audience yearning for a deeper connection. Compounded by poor green screen work, this short becomes the weakest link in the anthology.

Lust Stories2

Amit Sharma’s Impactful Finale:
The closing story, helmed by Amit Sharma and starring Kajol and Kumud Mishra, proves to be the most discussed segment of the anthology. Sharma tackles the dark side of using lust as a weapon, unflinchingly portraying scenes of domestic violence. Mishra plays a powerful man in a village, driven by insatiable lust, indulging in gambling and forcing young girls into sexual encounters. Returning home, he subjects his wife, portrayed by Kajol, to physical and sexual abuse. However, she cunningly harnesses his vile desires to bring about his downfall. This story is bound to elicit divided reactions, as Amit Sharma impeccably captures the unsettling theme of lust.

An Exploration Beyond Boundaries:
Lust Stories 2 strives to transcend the boundaries set by its predecessor, delving into uncharted territory. While not every tale achieves greatness, the anthology’s impact remains commendable. With Konkona Sen Sharma’s standout segment, audiences are treated to a thought-provoking exploration of human desires. The first season predominantly focused on various aspects of lust and human reactions to it, whereas this installment seeks to push the boundaries even further. At times, viewers may find themselves questioning whether they are watching Lust Stories or Ghost Stories. Nevertheless, this anthology undeniably sparks conversations and leaves a lasting impression.
Lust Stories 2 bravely ventures into the intricate realm of human desires, showcasing the many facets of lust that captivate our attention. While some stories may falter in their execution, the anthology remains an intriguing and thought-provoking watch. With its powerful exploration of sexuality, emotional connections, and the consequences of indulging in lust, Lust Stories 2 is sure to leave a lasting impact on its viewers, igniting discussions and encouraging introspection.


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