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“Kushi” Trailer Impresses Fans


Hyderabad: In a much-anticipated development for Telugu cinema enthusiasts, the trailer for the upcoming film “Kushi” has been unveiled, igniting a wave of excitement among fans. Starring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu, the film, directed by Shiva Nirvana renowned for his past work on films such as “Ninnu Kori” and “Majili,” promises a fresh and captivating narrative.

The trailer offers a sneak peek into the storyline that revolves around Viplav Satyam, a devoted communist, and Aradhya, a Brahmin, whose paths cross in the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir, leading them to fall deeply in love. Despite the hurdles posed by their respective families’ disapproval, the couple remains resolute in their determination to establish their compatibility and embarks on the intricate journey towards marriage. However, as time advances, the duo encounters challenges that test their understanding of one another.

Although the notion of a couple grappling with societal and cultural disparities is not novel, the key lies in the filmmakers’ ability to infuse novelty into the familiar theme. The trailer adeptly showcases the commendable acting prowess of both Vijay and Samantha, with an evident emphasis on comedy that takes center stage. Notably, the film’s musical score, composed by Abdul Hesham Wahab, has already garnered acclaim for its impressive melodies. Additionally, the cinematography, helmed by Murali G, elevates the visual appeal of the film, showcasing stunning visuals that capture the eye.

With the release date set for September 1st, 2023, “Kushi” is poised to deliver an engaging and enthralling cinematic experience to eagerly awaiting fans. As the countdown begins, enthusiasts can anticipate a blend of captivating performances, delightful comedy, and an aesthetically pleasing audiovisual treat.


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