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India’s Bold Lunar Quest: ISRO Chandrayaan-3 Nears Historic Moon Landing


In a thrilling endeavor that has captured the world’s attention, India is on the cusp of achieving a monumental feat: successfully landing its isro Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the elusive lunar South Pole. Scheduled for shortly after 6:00 pm India time (1230 GMT) on Wednesday, August 23rd, this daring venture comes hot on the heels of Russia’s recent lunar setback, infusing the atmosphere with palpable excitement and anticipation.

If victorious, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will fetch its name in history as the first entity to master a landing at the lunar South Pole – a region shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Concealed within its shadowed craters lies a potential treasure trove: water ice, a resource that could potentially pave the way for a future moon settlement. The stakes are high, as India aims to build upon its previous lunar effort in 2019, which ended in disappointment.

In an exclusive conversation with AFP, Indian space chief K. Sivan exudes confidence, citing recent images beamed back by the Vikram lander. “It is giving some encouragement that we will be able to achieve the landing mission without any problem,” Sivan reveals. He draws parallels to the ill-fated 2019 mission but asserts that Chandrayaan-3 is armed with enhanced ruggedness, ensuring a smoother journey.

Six weeks ago, India ignited the engines of Chandrayaan-3, a mission that channels the spirit of “frugal engineering” and innovation that the nation is renowned for. At a cost of $74.6 million, a fraction of the price tag associated with other countries’ lunar quests, India’s determination and ingenuity shine through. The launch itself was a spectacle, witnessed by throngs of cheering spectators, as the spacecraft embarked on its celestial voyage.

After several orbits around Earth to gather momentum, the lander Vikram, aptly named ‘Valour’ in Sanskrit, bid farewell to its parent spacecraft. Since entering lunar orbit on August 5th, Vikram has beamed back awe-inspiring images of the moon’s rugged surface, tantalizingly hinting at the treasure trove that lies beneath. As anticipation reached fever pitch on Tuesday, August 22nd, ISRO took to the digital stage, announcing via its social media platform X (formerly Twitter) that its mission control was abuzz with energy and excitement, affirming the mission’s “smooth sailing.”

In an era where space exploration remains a testament to human innovation and resilience, India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission underscores the nation’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. As the world holds its breath, eyes will be glued to screens, hearts racing in tandem with the spacecraft hurtling toward the lunar South Pole. With its thrifty prowess and indomitable spirit, India inches ever closer to etching a new chapter in the annals of space exploration.



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