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Hyderabad Ministry Cautions Public About Perilous Online Scam Involving Traffic Challans


Hyderabad: In a recent development, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued a vigilant advisory to the public, alerting them to a potentially hazardous online scam that has come to light. The scam revolves around the misuse of text messages containing links pertaining to traffic challans, with the intention of deceiving unsuspecting citizens.

The ministry’s advisory underscores the critical importance of refraining from clicking on any links received through text messages, particularly those purportedly linked to traffic violations. The rationale behind this cautionary stance is rooted in the fact that these seemingly innocuous links could serve as a gateway for cybercriminals to illicitly access individuals’ bank accounts, leaving them exposed to financial jeopardy.

The modus operandi of this fraudulent scheme involves redirecting individuals to counterfeit websites upon clicking the malicious link. These imposter websites are meticulously crafted to resemble authentic traffic police platforms, an illusion aimed at duping victims into believing their legitimacy. Once within the fabricated digital environment, victims are prompted to divulge sensitive personal and financial details – a trap designed to grant scammers unrestricted access to victims’ online banking accounts.

The consequences of falling prey to this scam can be dire. In the most serious instances, not only can scammers gain unauthorized control over victims’ bank accounts, but they might also infiltrate victims’ devices, paving the way for more extensive security breaches.

To ensure the welfare and safeguarding of its citizens, the ministry’s advisory offers a stern admonition against engaging with any links sent via text messages, especially those that request payments for alleged traffic violations. Instead, individuals are advised to adopt a more cautious approach and verify the authenticity of any e-challans they receive. This verification process is best conducted by directly visiting the official government portal, thereby mitigating the risk of falling victim to this insidious online scam.


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