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Hidden Gem: Rajeshwaraswami Temple in Cheggam Seeks Preservation


Hyderabad: A lesser-known treasure, the Rajeshwaraswami Temple in Cheggam, stands quietly on the banks of the Godavari River. With a history spanning a millennium, this temple boasts unique architecture, rich inscriptions, and a vibrant cultural heritage. The rectangular stone shrine, surrounded by a carved parapet wall, welcomes visitors through its four entrances.

The Rajeshwaraswami Temple Shikhara showcases a magnificent Keertimukha in the Chalukya/Kakatiya style. Local legends speak of its ancient construction by Rakshasas, adding to its allure.

Impressions of Rajeshwaraswami Temple inscriptions were obtained by the State Archaeology Department in 2008-09, shedding light on its historical significance. Dr. VV Krishna Sastry’s memoirs reveal the temple’s connections to the Satavahana emperors and its resemblance to a Yagnya Vedika. The temple’s association with weavers and the acquisition of surrounding lands by wealthy merchants led to the rise of notable names like Manchala Chenu/Bodalu and Kolipaka Chelka.

Renowned poet Bammera Pothana, who penned the revered Bhagavatam, found inspiration within these sacred walls approximately 600 years ago.

Now, efforts are underway to preserve this hidden gem and ensure its cultural legacy endures.


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