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HanuMan” Review: Prasanth Varma Crafts a Unique Blend of Mythology and Contemporary Action



Director Prasanth Varma, known for his previous works like Awe and Zombie Reddy, collaborates with young actor Teja Sajja once again to bring “HanuMan” to the big screen. This Telugu-language superhero film, part of the Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe, intricately weaves together elements of Indian mythology with a contemporary narrative, promising a unique cinematic experience.

Plot Overview: Mythological Essence Meets Contemporary Struggles

Set in the fictional village of Anjanadri, the story follows Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja), a mischievous thief who transforms into HanuMan after acquiring supernatural abilities. The narrative takes inspiration from the mythological figure Hanuman, and the plot unfolds as Michael (Vinay Rai) seeks the same powers driven by ambition and greed. The film explores the classic battle between good and evil, unfolding against the backdrop of rural dynamics and struggles in Anjanadri.

Teja Sajja delivers a convincing performance as Hanumanthu, evolving from a mischievous thief to the savior of Anjanadri. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar impresses as Anjamma, portraying a character with a blend of beauty and power. Amritha Aiyer, playing Meenakshi, adds balance to the narrative with her portrayal of a doctor and love interest of Hanumanthu. Vinay Rai, in the role of the antagonist, contributes strongly to the adventurous plot.

The film’s visual effects (VFX) deserve special mention for seamlessly integrating supernatural elements into the village setting, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Cinematography by Dasaradhi Sivendra and editing by Sai Babu Talari significantly contribute to the film’s appeal.

The music by Anudeep Dev, Gowra Hari, and Krishna Saurabh adds to the overall experience. However, pacing, especially in the first half, could have been tighter, potentially improving the overall viewing experience with a shorter runtime.

With a combination of solid storytelling, impressive visuals, and strong performances, “HanuMan” successfully merges elements of mythology with contemporary action. The film offers a unique cinematic experience and stands out in the realm of Indian cinema.


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