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Four Detained in Shamshabad Murder Investigation


HYDERABAD: Cyberabad Police have apprehended four individuals for questioning, a day after the charred remains of a woman were discovered on an empty plot in Shamshabad. Authorities are investigating a potential connection between the victim, identified as Manjula, and an unresolved financial dispute as the motive behind the shocking crime.

The primary focus of the investigation is centered on the accused’s alleged failure to repay a loan owed to the victim. Among those held for questioning is Rizwana, the owner of a nearby ladies emporium, and two of her associates. It is believed that Manjula had extended a loan of Rs 1 lakh to Rizwana some time ago. Pressure from Manjula’s husband, Lakshmaiah, to recover the outstanding amount had reportedly escalated in recent times. Adding to the complexity, Rizwana allegedly had not fulfilled her interest obligations on the loan over the last two months.

A critical turning point emerged when Manjula and Lakshmaiah visited Rizwana’s residence, issuing a stern warning to settle the dues. Investigators are considering the possibility that this confrontation may have sparked the violent incident. Rizwana’s mother has also been taken into custody for interrogation.

According to police statements, on August 10, 2023, Manjula left her home to seek medical assistance due to stomach discomfort but never returned. Fearing the worst, Lakshmaiah lodged a missing person complaint with Shamshabad Rural Police, prompting a rapid and thorough search operation. A fleet of ten teams was mobilized to trace the suspects involved.

In a significant breakthrough, law enforcement officers discovered two men on a motorcycle near the crime scene on Friday night, carrying a container of fuel. Surveillance footage from a nearby fuel station showed the same individuals filling a can with five liters of diesel. The victim’s daughter-in-law, Akhila, identified her based on recognizable accessories like her toe ring and bangles. Notably, the gold ornaments typically worn by Manjula were conspicuously absent.

Akhila, driven by the tragic loss, is fervently urging the police to promptly apprehend the culprits and ensure that they face the full weight of justice. As investigations intensify, the haunting circumstances of Manjula’s death continue to grip the community.


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