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Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan’s ‘Y64’ Shines at Cannes Film Festival


Hyderabad: Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan, a highly acclaimed artist and filmmaker, recently took the stage at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival to present the captivating trailer of her latest documentary, ‘Y64.’ Joining her for this significant occasion were director Jain Joseph and project consultant Jithendra Misra.

Driven by a profound desire to unlock the dormant feminine energy within herself, Dr. Beena embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery. Guided by her mentor, the late Dr. MM Alex, she delved into the mystical realm of yoginis—a concept that forms the core of her documentary, ‘Y64.’ The film shines a spotlight on the awe-inspiring feminine power possessed by the yogini goddesses of the 9th century.

These extraordinary goddesses commanded reverence for their ability to grant wishes, wield healing powers, and possess profound mystical knowledge. What sets them apart is that they are all depicted as women, serving as a testament to the immense strength and influence that women possess.

‘Y64’ explores the intricate interplay between feminine and masculine energies, as represented by the concept of Ardhanareeswara—a portrayal of a deity who is half male and half female in Hindu mythology. The film advocates for the harmonious coexistence of these dual energies within individuals, emphasizing the transformative potential that arises from their union in accomplishing great missions in this world.

Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan presents the trailer for her documentary 'Y64' at Cannes Film Festival.
Dr. Beena Unnikrishnan presents the trailer for her documentary ‘Y64’ at Cannes Film Festival.

The documentary serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible power inherent in the feminine nature, particularly when celebrated in conjunction with the masculine aspect, which represents time itself.

Under the skillful direction of Jain Joseph, the director of ‘Y64,’ the film effortlessly communicates the intense and multi-layered themes it explores, encapsulating the audience’s attention with simplicity. The visual narrative of their journey to various yogini temples offers a profound insight into Indian mythology, allowing viewers to delve deeper into its captivating lore.

In essence, ‘Y64’ is a testament to the significance of embracing the coexistence of genders and celebrating the potent feminine energy that has been revered since ancient times. Its message resonates strongly, especially within the context of India’s G20 presidency, which places women-led development as one of its key priorities. This documentary presents a remarkable opportunity to showcase a global commitment to this cause, thereby further propelling our march towards Amrit Kal, characterized by robust women’s leadership and the rising power of SHAKTI in the vision of Vasudeva Kutumbakam—the unity of the world as one.


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