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Devotee’s Unique Vow: Pet Dog Offered Gold at Sammakka Sarakka Festival


Mulugu- A family in Hanumakonda made a unique offering during the Sammakka Sarakka festival by presenting their pet dog, Leo, with gold. The tradition of offering gold during the festival is not uncommon, with devotees usually organizing Tulabharam ceremonies for their children. However, this particular family stood out as they adorned their pet dog with gold in fulfillment of a vow made during the previous fair.

Leo, a pet raised by Bikshapati and Jyoti couple, had fallen severely ill after the last festival. Concerned for Leo’s health, the family prayed to Sammakka Sarakka for the dog’s recovery, vowing to offer gold if their pet regained its health. Leo’s health improved, and the family, true to their promise, brought the pet to the festival and placed a weight of gold on it.

The unique gesture caught the attention of viewers, as the pet dog was weighed with a 13 kg gold offering. The family believes in the divine power of Sammakka Sarakka and expressed their faith that their wishes would be fulfilled by offering gold to the deities.

While it’s usual for humans to make gold offerings during the festival, this unusual act of devotion has sparked curiosity among observers, questioning whether gold offerings to pets are a new trend emerging during the sacred Sammakka Sarakka festivities.


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