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Concerns Arise as Abhaya Hastham Application Forms Found Scattered on Roads


Hyderabad – In a disconcerting turn of events, filled-in application forms for the “Abhaya Hastham” program, a flagship initiative of the Congress Government in the state, were discovered scattered on roads. This development raises significant concerns over the security of personal information, as the government had outsourced data entry work to private agencies at a cost of Rs 5 per application.

The government’s decision to entrust private agencies with the data entry task, at a substantial expense of Rs 6.25 crore for approximately 1.25 crore applications, has come under scrutiny. Applications were collected over a span of nine days, starting from December 29 last year until January 6, with citizens submitting them enthusiastically in the hope of benefiting from the announced schemes.

However, the revelation that application forms, containing sensitive personal, family, and income details, were strewn on the roads has left citizens dismayed. The incident involving the applications from the Hayatnagar circle, handled by a private agency in Kukatpally, has fueled concerns about the overall security and handling of the data.

One specific incident highlights the gravity of the situation – bundles of applications were being transported on a Rapido bike by a delivery executive. The rope securing the package snapped, causing all the application forms to scatter on the roads. Passersby raised questions about the decision to entrust such a sensitive task to a delivery executive and the apparent lack of precautions taken by officials.

This incident not only raises questions about the security of sensitive information but also undermines the hopes and aspirations of individuals who were counting on the benefits promised by the Congress Government’s schemes. The fallout from this security lapse is likely to prompt a reevaluation of data handling practices and outsourcing decisions in future government initiatives.


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