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City Police Commissioner Urges Cooperation with Traffic Wardens at Pelican Signals


HYDERABAD: CV Anand, the City Police Commissioner, has issued an earnest plea to the public, urging them to collaborate with the traffic wardens who are stationed at various pelican signals throughout the city. Through a Twitter post on Saturday, Anand expressed his concern about motorists disregarding the instructions of the traffic wardens.

Anand’s tweet read, “I appeal to all my friends to please cooperate with our traffic wardens appointed at pelican signals. They are helping pedestrians safely cross the roads. As u all know, Hyderabad is not so friendly towards pedestrians and there are no proper footpaths. This is an attempt to ensure some facility and safety to those who want to cross the roads. Lately, there have been reports of motorists disregarding the instructions of these traffic wardens. Come on guys, we can do better! Let’s not be in such a hurry.”

Earlier in May 2023, the Hyderabad Police had introduced 30 pelican signals at significant junctions in the city. These signals, known as pedestrian light-controlled crossings, aimed to enhance safety for pedestrians while crossing roads. Positioned at critical intersections, pelican signals are manually operated and grant pedestrians a dedicated 15-20 second window to cross the road safely by turning both vehicular signals red.

The initiative’s purpose is to minimize the chances of accidents and improve the overall management of traffic. In total, the Hyderabad region, including the Hyderabad city police, Rachakonda, and Cyberabad police, was allocated 94 pelican signals. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation successfully installed 68 of these signals, contributing to a safer and more efficient urban mobility system.


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