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Celebrity Cricket Carnival Season 1 Set to Kick Off in Melbourne


Hyderabad – An electrifying fusion of cricket and entertainment, as the inaugural season of the Celebrity Cricket Carnival is set to commence in Melbourne, Australia, on February 18th, 2024. This unique event will feature 15 prominent South Indian actors showcasing their cricketing skills on the field, competing against local talent for what promises to be an exciting extravaganza.

The Tollywood Cricket Association (TCA), founded in 2006 by the renowned actors Srikanth and Tharun, both known for their prowess in professional cricket matches globally, has partnered with CELEBRITY CRICKET CARNIVAL AUS PTY LTD to bring this thrilling event to life.

Season 1 of the Celebrity Cricket Carnival, envisioned by Sai Krishna and Vamshi Vuppaladadium, represents a historic moment in the realm of celebrity cricket. Today’s formal announcement introduces the official sponsors and players who will be participating in this extravagant cricketing adventure in Australia next month.

Featuring 15 top actors from South India competing against Australian league cricketers, the event promises to be sensational and entertaining. This collaboration marks the first-ever cricketing showdown involving a team of South Indian celebrities eager to display their cricketing prowess in an intense match against local opponents in Australia.

Fans can look forward to a thrilling showcase of talent and entertainment as the worlds of cricket and cinema collide in this spectacular event. The Celebrity Cricket Carnival is poised to be an occasion that blends talent, sportsmanship, and enjoyment, captivating spectators both during and beyond the matches.

With the countdown underway for the highly anticipated Celebrity Cricket Carnival Season 1, cricket enthusiasts and movie buffs alike are gearing up to witness an unforgettable spectacle in Melbourne next month.


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