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CCMB Collaborates in Development of ChatGPT-inspired Algorithm for Genetics


Hyderabad: The global research group, which includes the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, has made remarkable progress in genetics through the creation of an algorithm inspired by ChatGPT. Unlike its language-based predecessor, this algorithm harnesses the power of genome sequencing data to effectively predict disease-causing genetic mutations in patients.

Collaborating with esteemed institutions such as the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Pompeu Fabra University, Illumina, and Baylor College of Medicine, CCMB has compiled an extensive catalog of genomic information, setting new benchmarks in primate genomics. Leveraging this rich dataset, Illumina, a renowned DNA sequencing company, has developed an AI algorithm with practical applications in clinical settings. The primary objective of this groundbreaking technology is to uncover novel insights into the genetic underpinnings of human diseases by meticulously analyzing primate genomic data. At the core of this innovative approach lies Illumina’s PrimateAI-3D deep learning algorithm.

A significant challenge in the realm of human and clinical genetics is the identification of disease-causing mutations amidst the vast array of genetic variations present in an individual’s genome. However, the newly developed AI algorithm has showcased unparalleled accuracy in predicting these mutations. By harnessing the capabilities of deep learning and leveraging the wealth of primate genomic data, the algorithm can effectively identify genetic variations that play a causal role in various diseases.

This advancement carries immense potential for propelling the field of genetics forward and enhancing patient care. The ability to accurately predict disease-causing mutations empowers healthcare professionals to make more precise diagnoses and develop targeted treatment plans. By sifting through hundreds of thousands of mutations, the algorithm identifies those of clinical significance, paving the way for personalized and effective medical interventions. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize clinical practice and significantly impact the lives of patients worldwide.


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