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AP Assembly Extends Budget Session Until February 8


The Andhra Pradesh Assembly’s Business Advisory Committee convened on Monday and decided to conduct budget meetings until the 8th of this month. However, notable absenteeism marked the TDP’s stance, as the party opted to boycott the meeting, citing alleged false statements in the governor’s speech.

Despite the TDP’s absence, the assembly pressed forward with its scheduled agenda. Tomorrow’s deliberations will center around the motion of thanks for the Governor’s speech. The assembly had earlier witnessed the presentation of the budget on Wednesday morning, with the government reserving the final day for comprehensive budget discussions and the introduction of various bills.

The decision by the TDP to boycott the meeting underscores the ongoing political dynamics and differences within the assembly. The government’s presentation of the budget sets the stage for crucial discussions, and the TDP’s absence signals a divergent perspective on the state’s financial direction.

As the assembly sessions progress, the deliberations and decisions made will shape the legislative landscape, impacting the governance and policies of Andhra Pradesh. The TDP’s boycott introduces an element of contention, emphasizing the divergent viewpoints that will continue to unfold during the current assembly meetings. This development is poised to be closely monitored by political observers and the public alike as it unfolds in the coming days.


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