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Android 14 Set to Introduce Groundbreaking Satellite SMS Support in Mobile Phones


San Francisco – Exciting developments are on the horizon for mobile communication technology as Android 14 is rumored to usher in a groundbreaking feature – SMS via satellite support. According to reports from Phone Arena, the Pixel #TeamPixel Twitter account hinted at this significant advancement, indicating that Android 14 users will soon be able to leverage satellite technology for sending and receiving SMS messages, even in areas with limited or no cellular coverage.

The Pixel #TeamPixel Twitter account tweeted, “Satellite SMS, Android 14,” suggesting that the update would enable users to use their devices for SMS communication through satellite connectivity.

This feature holds great potential for individuals in remote regions or areas with inadequate cellular coverage, as they can rely on satellite support to maintain essential communication channels. Notably, Pixel and Galaxy phones are expected to be among the first Android models to boast the necessary hardware for supporting SMS via satellite.

While Android 14’s full scope of satellite support remains uncertain, the final and stable version of the operating system is expected to launch in the near future, with an estimated timeline of two to three weeks.

In a notable comparison, Apple already offers the Emergency SOS via satellite feature in iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. This feature has been proven to be life-saving in critical situations, such as the recent incident on the Angeles Forest Highway in California’s Angeles National Forest.

During the accident, a vehicle careened over the edge of a mountain and plunged around 300 feet into a remote canyon, leaving the passengers in a perilous situation with no cellular signal. However, an iPhone 14 in the car detected the crash and promptly sent crucial information to rescuers using the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature, leading to the successful rescue of the stranded individuals.

As the world of mobile technology continues to advance, innovations like satellite SMS support hold immense promise for enhancing communication capabilities and ensuring safety, particularly in challenging environments or during emergencies.

As the launch of Android 14 draws nearer, users eagerly await this transformative feature that could redefine mobile communication and offer a lifeline to those in need, regardless of their location or cellular network access.


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