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Andhra Pradesh : Sudden rainfall in Palnadu damage crops


Red chilies and dried maize recently drowned in precipitation in the Andhra Pradesh Palnadu districts and some other parts

GUNTUR: Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, lightning, and strong winds are causing significant crop damage in Andhra Pradesh. In the Palnadu district’s Achampet, Amaravati, Pedakurapadu, and Krosuru mandals, red chili and dried maize crops were soaked in rains on Sunday, leading to extensive damage. In some Palnadu districts, the continuous two-hour rainfall caused harm to their red chili and maize crops.

The farmer attempted to prevent damage to their crops by enclosing dried maize and red chilies in plastic coverings. However, according to the press, some farmers have voiced their concerns about the ruined state of their own maize and red chilli crops. They left the crops covered with plastic to dry in the fields, which resulted in their destruction.

Crop damage will result in a lower price from traders. During the previous season, we suffered significant losses as a result of pest assaults and excessive rainfall. The heavy rainfall this year had a detrimental effect on the harvest, resulting in a decrease in yield.


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