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Amit Shah condemns the Congress for its “venomous” attack on the PM


Amit Shah issues a warning to Congress: “Offending Modi will backfire in the Karnataka elections.”

Amit Shah issues a warning to Congress: "Offending Modi will backfire in the Karnataka elections." | Glint insights media
Union Home minister Amit shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has criticized the Congress party and its leaders for their recent attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking at a rally in Navalgund, Dharwad district, Shah condemned Congress President M. Mallikarjun Kharge’s recent comment referring to the Prime Minister as a “venomous snake” and stated that the Congress cannot incite people with such words since the PM’s support would grow regardless of how they treat him.

Shah went on to highlight Modi’s popularity around the world and his efforts to improve India’s standing through initiatives aimed at making the country prosperous, strengthening its infrastructure, and securing its borders. The Home Minister noted that everywhere Modi travels, people greet him with chants of “Modi-Modi.”

Shah also criticized the Congress party for their history of using derogatory language against Modi, including slogans such as “Modi teri khabar khudegi,” “Maut Ka Saudagar,” and “neechi jati ke log,” and accused them of having “lost their mind.” He reiterated that no matter how the Congress treats Modi, support for him will continue to grow.

Shah also spoke about Modi’s background, noting that he is the only Indian Prime Minister who was born into a low-income household as the son of a tea vendor. He praised Modi’s efforts to improve the lives of millions of people living in poverty and criticized the Congress for their lack of action in assisting the weaker sections of society.

In conclusion, Shah urged the Congress party to refrain from defaming the Prime Minister and inciting the citizens of Karnataka. He stated that Modi’s support will continue to grow despite such attacks, and that the Congress party should focus on addressing the issues facing the country rather than engaging in personal attacks.


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