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10-Year-Old Survives 6th-Floor Fall, Defying Odds at SLG Hospitals


Hyderabad: A remarkable feat of medical expertise unfolded at SLG Hospitals as a team of doctors successfully rescued a 10-year-old boy who had suffered a harrowing fall from the sixth floor of his apartment building. In a press release shared on Sunday, SLG Hospitals detailed the heroic efforts that led to the young boy’s survival and recovery.

The incident occurred on June 1, 2023, when Lohith, a 10-year-old boy, was brought to SLG Hospitals around 3 pm following a terrifying accident that saw him plummet from the sixth floor of his apartment building. Upon his arrival, Lohith was unconscious and bleeding from his head and face. His blood pressure had dropped to a critical level, causing immediate concern among the medical team.

Lohith had sustained severe injuries, including multiple fractures to his left hand and jaw bone, as well as a significant injury to his right thigh. The doctors’ assessments further revealed the presence of clots in his brain on both sides. Complicating matters, his hemoglobin levels were alarmingly low at just 6gms, posing an additional threat to his well-being.

Dr. Ranganadham, Senior Neurosurgeon and Head of Department (Neuro Surgery) at SLG Hospitals, shed light on the complex treatment that followed. “Given the initial unresponsiveness of the brain, we initiated blood transfusion, which spanned approximately five days,” Dr. Ranganadham explained. As Lohith’s condition showed limited improvement, the medical team opted for a critical emergency surgery on the fifth day, aimed at extracting fractured bone fragments from the right hemisphere of his brain.

Elaborating on the procedure, Dr. Ranganadham detailed how surgical intervention was used to access the dura mater, a resilient membrane beneath the skull and vertebral column. By surgically opening this layer, pressure on the brain was alleviated, and external ventricular drainage (EVD) was conducted to manage cerebrospinal fluid. These vital steps ultimately led to a gradual improvement in the boy’s condition.

Five days post-surgery, a moment of immense relief occurred when Lohith regained consciousness. His journey to recovery, however, was far from over. Orthopedic surgeries addressed fractures in his thigh and hand, while a tracheostomy was performed to facilitate proper lung function. A faciomaxillary surgery followed to mend the broken jaw and facial injuries. After nearly three weeks of intense medical care and interventions, Lohith began to exhibit signs of progress, gradually gaining mobility and responding to treatment.

G Rajesh, Lohith’s father, expressed his gratitude for the medical team’s efforts. Lohith was discharged on July 1, 2023, and continued to receive remote monitoring for the subsequent five weeks to ensure his full recovery. Rajesh shared his optimism about his son’s future progress, as Lohith had started to move with support and was expected to achieve further improvement in the days to come.


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